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Security Labels TamperGuard “NO RESIDUE” – SCS520

TamperGuard security labels SCS520 act as visible evidence of unauthorized opening and possible tampering. This certified security label works on most surfaces. The labels are delivered in sheets or rolls of 500 pieces, from which it is easy to remove the label and mount it securely.
When a TamperGuard label is removed, the label will display the text VOID in the same color as the label, thus indicating unauthorized access. The label does not leave traces on the surface.
TamperGuard safety labels for sealing come in many colors, models and sizes.
Select model and color to see variants.

If you want the surface to show traces of tampering, select labels with “RESIDUE”  TamperMax SCS510TamperColor SCS540TamperVoid SCS500

Please contact us for other sizes or own design.

Typically used for:

Secure transportingplane
Plombering af skabe

Product no. SCS520 - Productinformation

DimensionsChoose model
No residue
Consecutive numbering
Design options
Standard packaging500 pieces/box

Minimum order: 500 pcs./bag or roll

Select quantity - e.g if minimum quantity for the product is 1000 pcs. = 1

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