Security bags DEBASAFE – white – 295×395mm+30mm receipt part – SCS402-082

Security bags SCS402-082 from DEBASAFE, are produced in white Coex plastic and are NOT transparent. The bags have a writing field for inscription with a pen or speed marker. Any attempt to manipulate the closure of the bag will be visible. The bags have a self-adhesive security seal DEBATAPE High Plus and have consecutive numbering and bar codes on the bag and receipt part. The closure responds to mechanical, chemical and hot / cold attempts of manipulation. Customized design is subject to minimum order of 10.000pcs., please contact us for price/delivery.

Typically used for:

sealing letters and documentsSecure votessecure transport by planeSecurtity bags for blood samples and other samplesSecure documents and cash in transport

Product no. SCS402-082 - Productinformation

Dimensions195x395 +30mm
Carrying handle
Consecutive numbering
Packaging500 pc pr. box

Minimum order 500 pcs / box

Select quantity - e.g if minimum quantity for the product is 1000 pcs. = 1

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