Security Tape SCS400-076

The purpose of using ScanSeal’s security tape SCS400-076 is to obtain visible, physical evidence of possible tampering. This is achieved by the hidden text in the tape appearing when manipulated.
When the tape is removed or attempted to be manipulated, the hidden text OPEN VOID appears as an indication that the sealed package is not intact.

ScanSeal’s security tape is delivered in 50m rolls and the rolls fit a standard tape dispensers.

Typically used for:

Transport boxes securityPlombering af skabesealing letters and documents

Product no. SCS400-076 - Product information

Dimensions48 mm x 50 m
Residue✔ - VOID
Consecutive numbering
PackagingOn roll

Minimum order: 1 roll

Select quantity - e.g if minimum quantity for the product is 1000 pcs. = 1

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