LabelLock “NO RESIDUE” security label – SCS850

LabelLock “NO RESIDUE” security labels act as visible evidence of unauthorized opening and possible tampering. This certified safety label works on most surfaces. LabelLock labels are delivered in a dispenser box of 250 pieces, from which it is easy and user-friendly to remove the label and mount it securely. When a “NO RESIDUE” LabelLock label is removed, the label will display the text OPENED as an indication of unauthorized access. NO RESIDUE labels are available in 3 sizes, small, medium and large.

*If you want the surface to show traces when tampered, select the Labellock label “Dual layer” SCS800

Please contact us if you want customized labels.

Typically used for:

Secure transportingplane
Plombering af skabe

Product no. SC850 - Productinformations

SCS85073x20 mm
SCS86098x30 mm
SCS870148x45 mm
No residue
Consecutive numbering
Design options
Standard packaging250 pieces/box

Minimum order: 250 pcs./box

Select quantity - e.g if minimum quantity for the product is 1000 pcs. = 1

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